KTP solicitors are the first firms of solicitors in Wales to hold accreditation with what is now the legal services commission to provide legally aided mediation in some cases.

Mediation is usually thought of as a far better means of resolving family disputes that the traditional, and adversarial, litigation model. Its aim is for the parties to a relationship breakdown to meet with a trained mediator with a view to resolving differences by consensus rather than having a view imposed upon them by a court. This results in a more lasting agreement as it is arrived at directly between the parties, and results in a considerable saving of many in terms of legal fees, and, perhaps more importantly, a saving of emotional turmoil and heartache.

Family mediation is particularly appropriate for dealing with disputes involving children, whether residents or contact, and dealing with the financial issues surrounding a breakdown of relationship, including dealing with the marital home and all other finances. It is simply a quicker cheaper and more acceptable option for all concerned.

Choosing mediation does not preclude anyone seeking their own legal advice before ratifying agreement. Indeed legal advice is encouraged although is not compulsory.

Jeff Kitchen has been leading the KTP mediation service for many years and can offer legally aided mediation to those who qualify financially. Mediation is still however beneficial for those who do not qualify for legal aid and can result in a huge saving of money. We offer fixed-price mediation if legal aid is not available.

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