Our specialist criminal defence lawyers, headed by Paul Hinton, operate throughout South Wales from our office at Pontypridd.
We have experience in magistrates courts, Crown Courts, and appeal court.
We deal with all forms of criminal offence and specialise in Road Traffic Act cases, for example exceeding speed limit, but now due care and attention, excess alcohol etc.

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Summary Only Motoring Offences


Motoring Offences are dealt with by Lucas Edwards, who is a partner in KTP Solicitor and a highly experienced solicitor who has a great deal of expertise in dealing with a wide variety of criminal cases, including all Motoring Offences.
Lucas Edwards regularly appears before the Magistrates’ Court to represent Clients and assists Counsel in the Crown Court.
Lucas Edwards is supervised by Mr Paul Hinton, a Solicitor with a number of years experience in dealing with criminal matters.

Costs Information

We charge for our services in relation to summary only motoring offences on a fixed fee basis, with no hidden costs or unexpected bills at the end of a case.
For summary only motoring offences that conclude at a first hearing in the Merthyr Tydfil or Cardiff Magistrates’ Courts, the fee is £180 plus VAT. This includes a consultation at our offices to discuss your case and all representation received at the Magistrates’ Court.
For summary only motoring offences requiring a trial at the Merthyr Tydfil or Cardiff Magistrates’ Courts, the fee is £500 plus VAT, this including consultations prior to the first hearing, and any subsequent consultations in preparation of your Trial. This fee also includes representation at Court for the first hearing and trial.
Please note that our fees do not include any work carried out by an expert, should one be required to be consulted in your case. Expert fees are additional to our own fees, and the costs of an expert can vary depending on the type of work they will need to carry out. We will always consult with you in relation to the cost of any expert before one is instructed. 
For Motoring Offences at other Magistrates’ Courts outside of the Merthyr Tydfil or Cardiff remit the fixed fee remains the same, however there will be an additional mileage charge of 45p per mile, and an additional hourly travel rate of £24.00 per hour, for travelling from our offices to the relevant Magistrates’ Court.
All of our Clients are provided with a bill of costs prior to, or at the first consultation, and we ask that the bill is paid in full at least one working day prior to the first Court hearing.

Stages of Proceedings for Summary Only Motoring Offences

We are clearly in the hands of the court as to how long it talks for summary only matters to conclude, but ordinarily a matter where there is a guilty plea will resolve about four weeks after the service of a summons, with an additional three to six weeks for matters where a not guilty plea is entered.
If the matter is resolved by way of a guilty plea, we anticipate the matter being resolved at one hearing. If the matter is the subject of a guilty plea, we anticipate there will be two hearings, a plea/ pre trial review hearing and a trial. The number of hearings, and the time scale for them, will, of course, depend upon the court’s
adjudication in any individual matter.


For all other non-legally aided cases we are happy to discuss these with you.


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